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Tomi Lahren Slammed As ‘Narrow-Minded’ After Digging Up Old Video of Her Attacking Colin Kaepernick

Conservative agitator Tomi Lahren reemphasized her disdain for Colin Kaepernick this week after Nike announced the former NFL star as the face of its 30th’s anniversary “Just Do It” campaign. 

On Tuesday, Lahren shared a 2-year-old video of herself lambasting Kaepernick for kneeling in protest during the national anthem. The former San Francisco 49er stirred controversy in 2016 when he started the on-field protests as a way to bring attention to racial injustice in America. It wasn’t long before others players followed suit.

Lahren wasn’t a fan of it all, however.

“It seems to me blaming white people for all of your problems might make YOU the racist,” she says in her “Final Thoughts.” “Here’s the deal, Colin. I’ve got loved ones overseas right now fighting for your right to sit on a bench and bitch and moan about your perceived oppression while making $19 million a year to throw a ball.”

In the caption, Lahren argued her words rang true as they did two years ago, noting that  although Kaepernick had the right to protest, “having the RIGHT doesn’t make it RIGHT.”

The incendiary video drew mixed reactions from fans.

“Omg this chic 🙄talks because someone gave her a microphone 🙄!!!!” one critic wrote.

“You can be a wealthy individual whilst still acknowledging the societal oppression minority communities face,” another chimed in. “You’re so narrow minded it beggars belief.”

Still, there were those who egged Lahren on, applauding her for calling out what they called a blatant disrespect of the flag.

“It’s about a baby and a bunch of followers disrespecting America!” one person wrote. “If you don’t know what that flag means to most real Americans I doubt I can ever explain it to you!! Find a different more respectful way to protest whatever you believe is injustice!!”

“Always telling the truth! #TeamTomi” another person wrote.

Watch more in the video below.

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