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Pennsylvania Woman’s Racist Response to 9-Year-Old Holding the Door for Her Gets Her Evicted 

A white Pennsylvania woman is being evicted after a father says she slammed a door in his 9-year-old son’s face, then proceeded to call him the n-word.

Rev. GL Riley captured the incident on video, showing his son, Brian Thomas-Riley, holding the door for the woman, only identified as “Susie,” before she slams it in his face, causing the child to jump back in fright. The boy said the door nearly hit him in the face.

“[My son] pushed the door a third of the way open and you heard, ‘get away you little n—-r boy,’” GL Riley told WPXI, recalling the incident. “This was just cold and blatant.”

The father said “Susie” then hurled a racial slur at him too, after which he confronted her.

“It’s injustice. Period,” he added. “And people need to be accountable for their action.”

City of Washington police was eventually called to the apartment complex for Riley to file a formal complaint, according to the station. On Tuesday, a building manager confirmed that Susie had been served an eviction notice in direct connection to this incident.”

Susie reportedly has a history of verbal abuse, the manager said, but this latest incident was simply “the last straw.”

Thanks to her bigotry, Susie now has 15 days to pack her things and leave.

Watch more in the video below.

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