Folks Express Disappointment After Black Women Flock to Beauty Supply Store Where Woman was Assaulted After Owner Announces Sale

In a last-minute attempt to win customers back, an Oklahoma beauty supply store hosted a 50 percent off everything sale — and Black women came flocking.

Ann & Jun’s Beauty Supply faced boycotts earlier this month after shocking video of owner Changseok Jun punching a Black woman in the face over a .99 cent keychain. The woman’s 3-year-old son had pocketed the item as they left the store, without her knowledge.

” … He didn’t have to do anything that he did,” victim April Harding said. “Especially not hit me in my face.”

The assault left Harding with a bloody, busted lip that required three stitches. The incident sparked intense protests that forced the business to close its doors for several days.

All seems to have been forgotten, however, after Jun marked down prices on the products in his store. Activist Tariq Nasheed shared video of dozens of women lined up outside the business — not to continue their protests, but with hopes of getting their hands on a few discounted items.

In an Instagram post, Nasheed alleged that some of the women began fighting against Black men who were still protesting outside the store, trying to put Jun out of business.

” … Is it really that serious to get hair products from these people? Are bundles more important than dignity?” he asked. “Are we willing to get socked in the face for a lace front? Is it this hard for us to get on code?”

The situation prompted sharp criticisms against Black women, many voicing frustrations with their unwillingness to support their fellow woman after such a shocking incident.

“This is why I can’t come to the Black female’s aid or defend her,” one user commented. “If you popping off & gonna go right back into a place where your sista was abused. I have no pity for ’em.”

“It’s clear that these are the Black women that are way too ignorant to support their own,” another user chimed in. “They have a selfish mentality and support their own within their very small circle and pander to anyone that can help continue their lack of support for their own people. So damn damn.”

Frustrated, one user wondered what it would take for our people to “wake the eff up.”

“LMAOOO, we’re hypocrites & the whole world knows it,” one woman wrote.

Since the incident, Jun has been charged with assault and battery and is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 12. A judge is expected to rule on what happens next.

Watch more in the video below.

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