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Cornel West: Trump Is ‘On His Way Out,’ But That Doesn’t Mean Racism Is

Philosopher and activist Dr. Cornel West stopped by “Anderson Cooper 360” on Thursday to talk racism as it relates to President Donald Trump, saying the controversial POTUS is likely “on his way out” of the White House.

Trump, who’s feeling the pressure after two of his closest allies were charged with federal crimes this week, drew the ire of the South African government after falsely claiming there were “large scale killings” of white farmers as the government begins its land expropriation program, seizing lands once stolen from native Black South Africans.

President Donald Trump

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“… We’re distracted by distraction. It’s fairly clear he’s in a panic mood. He’s lying again,” West told host Anderson Cooper, noting the president has lied 4229 times in just 558 days. “So we shouldn’t be surprised.”

Switching subjects, the author called Trump a “gangsta, racist misogynist … who chooses to be demonic.” He later added that the president’s loyal followers reveal the deep rooted racism of America.

“He expresses something deep in the American culture,” West said. “He has something in the culture, he has followers. So even after Trump, we have to come to terms with what produced him … We have to keep track of humanity.”

Cooper then posed West with a question, asking why he thought Trump decided to weigh in on the goings-on in South Africa.

“He’s in over his head. He’s got a white supremacist tilt, no doubt about it,” West replied. “I don’t think we ought to take it too seriously, he at this point is throwing whatever he can in hopes that it sticks and tries to get us away from the fact that he’s going under.

However, West warned against becoming complacent if and when the American people vote Trump out of office.

“Even after Trump we have to be just as righteously outraged. Once Trump leaves the racism doesn’t leave,” he said.

Watch more in the clip below.

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