Tiny Harris Has Questions About Jermaine Dupri’s New Baby, Producer Clears Up Confusion

Xscape singer Tiny Harris responded to producer Jermaine Dupri‘s recent post that hints at a new edition to his family. In the photo, Dupri is seen holding a baby with the simple caption “#3.” The caption suggests that the baby is Dupri’s third child. Many fans were taken by surprise, including Harris who seemed dumbfounded by the extremely vague caption, “#3 what man??!!”

Jermaine Dupri

The fans were eager to share their shock and confusion.

“You must be adopting cuz that’s not your baby biologically” “Harpo, who dis baby?”

“What? When? How? Well I know how but, what?!! Congrats!!! 🍾”

“Yall guessing @jermainedupri. Thats your baby ?? U got these ppl. Going crazy in theses comments”

One follower must have known more than others when they commented, “it’s a joke fam.” After letting Harris and millions of followers get all worked up about the photo, Dupri came clean. The superproducer confessed that the baby belonged to his friends Elie and Julie Deshe.

With a photo of baby Bowie’s parents kissing, Dupri wrote, “I gotta say it was so funny in the moment! I Love You Guys!!! But that’s my guy @eliedeshe and his wife @juliadeshe beautiful Baby boy I posted yesterday, SMH and Shout Out To The “White Girl” that Has Been One Of My Best Friends For the Past 20 Years!! Y’all can stop now 🤣”

Harris and Dupri can laugh over the incident while embarking on the So So Def tour with Xscape. Other artists on the tour include Da Brat, Jagged Edge, Bow Wow, Anthony Hamilton, Bone Crusher, Youngbloodz, Dem Franchize Boyz and J-Kwon. “I feel like with my artists and even myself, people don’t pay enough attention to how much we mean to the culture and how much So So Def meant to breaking the South and making people pay attention to Atlanta,” Dupri said at the time.










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