Police Identify Jimmy Taylor As U.S. Citizen Captured Assaulting Ugandan Workers In the Name of Jesus 

Police in Uganda have charged an American man with assault after video of him lashing out at hotel workers and pegging them with racial slurs.

The man, identified as U.S. missionary Jimmy L. Taylor, is seen berating several workers at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala in a shocking video that surfaced online Friday. In the four-minute clip, Taylor is seen throwing punches at staffers and telling them they must obey him. He’s also heard calling them “n—–s” and even threatens to kill one of them.

Jimmy L. Taylor

Police charged Jimmy Taylor with assault and malicious damage after he threatened and assaulted workers at the Grand Imperial Hotel. (Dynamq / Facebook video screenshot)

“You’ve disgraced Jesus!” he shouts, before swinging on a hotel employee. “C’mon b—h, you open my f—–g door or I’ll f—–g kill you.”

“F–k Uganda,” Taylor continues, flipping the bird at the camera. ” … I’ve come to love Uganda. I’ve come to help Uganda, but Uganda hates Jesus through this son of a b—h.”

As reported by The Kampala Post, the American man told police he was a missionary and former U.S. Marine. Authorities said Taylor spat and cursed at them during his arrest and even tried to disarm officers. He was ultimately taken to the Central Police Station in Kampala and charged with assault and malicious damage, according to the newspaper.

Video of the incident shows Taylor behind the reception desk, smashing and knocking stuff over as he chases a frightened employee around the lobby. He then approaches another worker and throws several punches at him. At one point, Taylor smacks one of the men in the back of the head as he tries to walk away.

“No! You obey me, I don’t obey you,” Taylor says, demanding once again that his door be opened. “You understand me? B—h, n—-r b—h!”

According to the Kampala Post, Taylor said the attack was due to an illness that “caused him to have stress.” The incident is still under investigation.

Watch more in the video below.


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