Serena Williams’ Fans In Shock At Olympia’s Strength

Serena Williams‘ 11-month-old daughter Alexis Olympia was on a mission! The tennis champion shared a video of her daughter moving with a purpose as she pushed luggage across the floor quickly. Little Olympia, in her precious little pink crocs, looked back at the camera as if to wonder what’s keeping everyone else. “She was ready to go!!!! @olympiaohanian,” wrote Williams in the Instagram post.

Fans couldn’t get over the fact that Olympia can walk so quickly before she even turned 1 years old.

“She is already walking!!!!!!!”

“Didnt know she was walking she is ready go mahma move that suitcase. She strong to pushing it like a grown ladie right mom. lol. To cute. @serenawilliams 😂😂🤣🤣😍😍😍😍🤗”

“Wow she is so cute .cant believe that she is walking already!.”

“She rolled it like a pro with her bow-legged self”

“So cute, how fast THEY grow, next time I see her she Will have a tennis racket in her hands.”

“She is too smart…how she knows that she’s to push her carry on inside there…and she’s strong too..oh wow go olympy..”

It’s unclear where baby Olympia was heading with the luggage, but her parents do have big travel plans for her. Williams recently told Essence magazine that she has plans to take her daughter to Africa to learn where her strength came from. “There are so many things I want to teach her about being a Black woman, and I’m proud that I have that opportunity. I was just talking with my husband, Alexis. We were talking about how we want to take her to Africa and show her where she’s from and the strength that she gets from her ancestors,” she told the magazine. “We want her to be able to build and thrive off that strength. And that’s only the beginning of what I want to teach her.”


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