Louisiana Sheriff Fired from Department After Affiliation with ‘Proud Boys’ Hate Group

A Plaquemines Parish sheriff deputy was terminated after photos showed his connection with the organization “Proud Boys”.

Deputy Brian Green has been officially fired from the police force after internal affairs’ investigation proved he was guilty of violating their social media policy. The officer’s termination is effective immediately, The Times-Picayune reported.

Brian Green

(photo credit: Facebook screenshots)

“The Proud Boys” is considered a hate group of “western chauvinists” who have “anti-white guilt” and “anti-political correctness” views. They also believe in the “veneration of the housewife.” Members of the association claimed to be far from any “alt-right” group, but the Southern Poverty Law Center describes the white organization as anti-muslim and anti-women.

Plaquemines Parish stated in their policy that employees may not enlist in social media activity which “negatively affects the public perception of the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office.” Law enforcement is also prohibited from engaging in speech “that would reasonably be considered reckless or irresponsible.”

“Green’s affiliation and promotion of the organization known as the Proud Boys in uniform inevitably affected the public trust bestowed upon him and questioned the values of the PPSO,” said police.

The “PB” was created by the founder of Vice Magazine Gavin McInnes. He claimed the group rejects white nationalist labels, but members were seen participating in the 2017 violent Charlottesville, Va rally of “Unite The Right”.

A Facebook account under the former deputy’s name has a photo with the words “The West is The Best” as his profile picture. Green also posted a video of himself saying, “I’m Brian Green and I’m a proud western chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world.” The video is reportedly the first step in being accepted into the group. The video has been removed.

The Louisiana department stated, “The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s office does not support the organization or its ideals, and law enforcement in general has an obligation to treat all people equally, fairly and impartially.”

The statement continued, “Green’s decision to utilize the PPSO uniform to promote the views of the Proud Boys, whose values are contradictory to the values and the vision of the PPSO will not be tolerated.”

Green was the deputy sheriff of Plaquemines Parish for five years.

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