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D.C. Bus Passenger Catches a Beat-Down After Spewing Racial Slur

A verbal altercation turned physical on a Metrobus in Washington D.C. after a white woman called a bus full of Black passengers the n-word.

The incident occurred on Tuesday evening around 6 p.m. during rush hour, Fox 5 reported.

Metro Transit

(photo credit: Fox 5 screenshot)

Cellphone footage of the argument was posted on Twitter Wednesday of two women arguing back and forth with one another but doesn’t show what initiated the debacle. The white woman holding a cup in her hand began yelling at another rider about not “wanting to listen” to the person’s music.

The white passenger alleged she was smacked in the “head” and storms off of the X2 Metrobus. As the woman exits she blurted out “nigger asses” and the video clip cuts off.

The second snippet showed the white rider who hurled the racial slur facing down on the sidewalk with her head and face covered in blood as the vehicle departures. The crowd on the bus yelled, “Call somebody else a ‘nigger’.”

Washington D.C. authorities questioned two suspects nearby about the incident, but police made no arrests. The racist passenger’s blood still sits on the sidewalk following the altercation.

The woman was reportedly taken to the hospital and treated for deep wounds to her head and face according to Metro Transit Police. However, the rider didn’t suffer from life-threatening injuries. An investigation of the altercation is still pending.

Video of the incident has received over 325K views.

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