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Family Holds ‘Vigil for Hope’ After a Young Phoenix Woman Goes Missing for More Than a Week

A family held a vigil for a young woman who’s been missing for almost two weeks now.

Kiersten Bragg and her family held a vigil near her daughter’s apartment in Arizona over the weekend in “hope” of finding the 19-year-old soon.

“I want to clarify it’s not a vigil for a memorial,” Bragg told Good Morning America on Monday. “We don’t think she’s gone, it’s more of a vigil for hope. … We all gathered and we prayed for her and for the police officers that are trying to find her.”

Kiera Bergman

(photo credit: ABC screenshot)

Kiera Bergman was last seen on Aug. 4 leaving her job in the morning and suddenly disappeared. She recently moved from San Diego, California to Phoenix in order to be near her significant other. The couple reportedly moved in together. Bergman was last seen with her boyfriend the morning of.

“She does have a boyfriend. … Last I heard they were together and that is who picked her up from work that morning,” the mother said.

Bragg hadn’t heard from her daughter since July 30. However, she noticed a change in Bergman’s mood and said she wasn’t “her normal, happy self.”

“I don’t know, maybe circumstance in her life when she came out here you know caused her to maybe have some anxiety or stuff about what she was going through,” Bragg told the news outlet. “That’s when I noticed a lot of her moods and everything. That’s when she started changing, when she started dating this guy and coming out here, so I do believe that a lot — that has to do with that relationship.”

The concerned mother flew to Arizona with her family after not hearing from Bergman. She said her daughter isn’t the type of person to cut communication with her loved ones. She also addressed reports that claimed Bergman hung out with some random guy and says that’s not like her daughter.

“That is not something that she would just do. And then for her to leave, and leave her purse with her wallet and ID there at the apartment, that’s not normal neither — that’s why I feel like there’s something not right here,” said Bragg.

It is unclear if police officials have spoken with Bergman’s boyfriend as little is being released on the case. Sgt. Vincent Lewis of the Phoenix Police Department told the press on Sunday that there were “no updates to share at this time.”

Bragg’s only concern is to find and bring her daughter home in one peace.

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