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Top 5 Moments from ‘Insecure’s’ Premiere That Had Viewers Absolutely Floored

After months of anticipation, HBO’s smash hit “Insecure” returned Sunday night as viewers across the nation tuned into the drama-filled goodness that show creator Issa Rae and her co-stars bring to late night television. Last night’s premiere marked the start of the show’s third season and proved wildly popular among fans who live-tweeted late into the night, making “Insecure” the number one trending topic on social media.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 moments that totally left viewers’ reeling:


“Insecure” sesaon 3 premiere started off strong with Issa and Molly asserting their boundaries. (Photo by Merie W. Wallace / HBO)

  • Daniel LOUDLY Sleeping with Other Women While Issa Crashed On His Couch
    The show drew viewers in with a steamy sex scene as the opener, leaving viewers to believe Issa and former fling Daniel had crossed “that line” yet again. It turns out Daniel had someone else over, however, and left Issa listening to his raucous bedroom shenanigans as she tossed and turned on the couch trying to sleep. Can you say rude? The Lawrence Hive (fans of Issa’s ex) clowned Issa for being so foolish and making such awkward living arrangements. “How many hints does Issa need to get before she gets the heck out?” one person wrote. “The more I think about it, the less sense it makes for TV Issa to be staying with Daniel. I know they tried to explain it but it still doesn’t make sense to me … ,” another viewer chimed in.
  • Molly Forcing Dro to Respect Her Boundaries by Asking for His Key Back
    Issa’s best friend Molly is on a new level this season and in total control of her sex/love life. She seemed to pump the breaks with on-again, off-again lover Dro (who’s in an open marriage) when she boldly asked for the key to her apartment back. It’d be strictly sex from now on and on HER terms. Their tense exchange¬†left viewers wondering why the heck Dro had a key in the first place?
  • Erika Alexander’s Cameo Appearance in New Show-within-a Show
    “Insecure” wowed fans last seasoned when it featured a show within a show that parodied WGN slave drama “Underground.” This season, the show highlights what’s¬†supposed to be a 90’s reboot featuring “Living Single” actress Erika Alexander, comedian Bill Bellamy and “A Different World” actor Darryl M. Bell. The 90’s nostalgia was on 10 to say the least.
  • Dawn Richards ‘Be Writing Songs’ In the Booth
    Former Danity Kane member Dawn Richards also made an appearance in the premiere episode, playing an aspiring singer who gave a hilarious performance as she sang for Daniel in the recording booth. Sporting a mesh orange top and skin-tight plastic pants, she two-stepped all around the studio as she recorded her new single. Daniel was not impressed…
  • Issa’s Disastrous “Party Lyft”
    With her cash flow low, Issa is now driving Lyft part-time to make ends meet. What was supposed to be a routine pick-up turned violent after a fight broke out in her backseat. Fists flew after a passenger, who Issa was trying to shoot her shot with, demanded a fellow passenger put out his marijuana joint. After flicking the weed out the window, the passenger hit back, sending Issa and Molly swerving down the road.

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