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Spike Lee Gives Instant Response to Question of If He’d Want to Sit Down with Trump

Much like LeBron James before him, Spike Lee has no interest in sitting down one-on-one with President Donald Trump.

The filmmaker on Thursday sat down with “Anderson Cooper 360” to discuss his new release, “BlacKkKlansman.” The film tells the true story of the first Black detective in the Colorado Springs Police Department, named Ron Stallworth, who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan.

“Would you want to sit down with Donald Trump?” host Cooper asks the director, who replies “No,” without missing a beat.

“Have a conversation?” the reporter asked again.

“No, I don’t use his name either,” Lee says, noting he instead refers to the Commander-in-Chief as “Agent orange,” something he got from rapper Busta Rhymes.

“Do you consider him your president?” Cooper asked.

“No. Might be Putin,” Lee says referring to Russian president Vladimir Putin before bursting into laughter.

The clip garnered varied reactions from those on different sides of the political spectrum.

“So Spike Lee told Anderson Cooper today that he does not consider Trump to be his President. He went on to say that maybe Putin is his President. Maybe this fool should move to Russia. Spike Lee is a pathetic person!”

“Just got to say, @spikelee spike lee is such a brainless twit, I just don’t get it… sounds like he’s on something…”

“Watching Anderson Cooper ask Spike Lee if he considers Trump his president only for him to respond ‘no….might be Putin’ then burst into a sort of cackling laugh was not the late night CNN I thought I was going to get but here we are. Blessed and grateful for this life .”

“If you can call President Trump Agent Orange, then We will all just call you ‘Agent Black’ 😂 @BlacKkKlansman.”

Lee’s comments come days after James also sat down with CNN and disclosed his disinterest in chatting with Trump face-to-face.

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