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D.L. Hughley Reveals His Wife Might Still Be ‘Giving’ His Former Mistress Money

Back in May we shared an interview with D.L. Hughley where he admitted to cheating on his wife LaDonna Hughley and fathering a lovechild.

Tragically, the baby was killed by his mistress’ ex-boyfriend at nine months old. The killer was eventually convicted, spent time in prison and has since been released.

D.L. Hughley Talks About Affair


In a candid sit down with VladTV, the actor and comedian spoke more of the affair and how LaDonna not only came to terms with it but how she helped the mistress financially. It was something she did after the woman reached out to D.L. for money.

“Years later, the girl, it jammed her up too like it did me,” D.L. recalled. “She started asking for money. She needed some money. And I told her my wife would have to take care of it because I couldn’t.”

Based on the comedian’s explanation, it seems Ladonna controlled the finances and used to give him spending money, but that wasn’t’ confirmed in the interview.

“So she and my wife started talking, and my wife started giving her money,” said D.L. “The condition was that she could never ask me and my wife to take care of her, so my wife took it from my allowance that I’ve never gotten back … I don’t know if she’s still giving it to her or not. But I know that I don’t get that money anymore, and I can’t go ‘Are you still [helping her]?’ I can’t do that.”

Later in the conversation, D.L. gave more details about telling his wife of the affair and he decided to do it on a Sunday right after church, two years after the child’s death. D.L. said he wanted to have one last good weekend with his family before everything went awry.

Then a few months after D.L. broke the news, he and LaDonna ran into the mistress at the airport and an introduction was made. But instead of causing a scene, Ladonna wished the woman well and said “I’m sorry for your loss.”

The “Brothers” actor said the affair happened very early on in his career and youth prevented him from having the courage to be open with his wife. The now 55-year-old also stated that he often thinks of his late child, especially when “something good happens” to him.

Plus, when D.L. first learned of the infant’s death, he said that his pain was compounded because of a prayer he made.

“[I asked God to] take this off me,” he remembered thinking when the child first arrived. “And then instantly, my prayer was answered in the worst possible way.”

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