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Black Lives Matter Crashes the Wedding of Officer Who Fatally Shot Stephon Clark

Members of the “Black Lives Matter” movement confronted one of the Sacramento officers who killed Stephen Clark moments before saying “I do” on Saturday.

Protesters caught wind that one of the two officers who murdered Clark in cold blood was getting married over the weekend and staged an appearance before the wedding.

“I think they need to be approached in spaces where they’re a little more vulnerable,” Tanya Faison, the BLM founder of Sacramento told CBS News.

Clark, 22, was fatally shot eight times March 18 while cornered in his grandmother’s backyard. Two officers shot 20 rounds of fire after they claimed the victim reached for a gun. However, there was no weapon found on Clark, but only his cellphone.

Stephon Clark 911 call

Stephon Clark, 22, fatally shot by Sacramento Police. (FACEBOOK)

A video surfaced on Facebook of the protesters muscling into the room where the officers and his groomsmen were posted. Many of them yelled “Murder!”

One of the BLM members said, “I just wonder if you started planning your wedding before you killed Stephon Clark or after? How have you been sleeping since March 18? And I know this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, he will not have that option.”

The group found out about the officer’s wedding after he posted the details on his website. He listed information about the venue and vineyard on his wedding site. The location was an hour outside of Sacramento.

Faison told the news station, “We’re not violent, we’re not gonna give to them what they brought to our community, we’re not gonna hurt anyone but we are gonna make them uncomfortable. And they should because someone is dead.”

She continued, “Stephon Clark’s family is still in mourning and suffering. He doesn’t get to be with his kids or get married.”

Sgt. Vance Chandler said both of the officers have received numerous death threats from people.

“People may think that these officers are just going about their lives, but this is a very traumatic event for everyone,” Chandler added.

The shooting of Clark is still under investigation and the officers have yet to be prosecuted.

Officer Terrence Mercadal Confronted for Killing Stephon Clark August 5th 2018

Officer Terrence Mercadal Confronted for Killing Stephon Clark August 5th 2018 – Today Officer Terrence Mercadal, one of the police that murdered Stephon Clark was confronted by some allies at his wedding. YES! Officer Mercadal not only is back at work but carrying on with his life getting married. Here is video of the confrontation.

Posted by Black Lives Matter Sacramento on Sunday, August 5, 2018

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