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Vanderbilt University Faculty, Students Receive ‘Deeply Disturbing’ Email Promoting White Supremacy

An email promoting white supremacy was sent to Vanderbilt University officials and several Black students on Monday evening.

The college’s NAACP chapter shared a screenshot of the “disturbing” message that included racist language on Tuesday. The email read, “f**k all niggers” and “White Pride at Vanderbilt and worldwide!”

The chapter wrote on Twitter, “The white nationalist email blast that was sent out to many Black Students tonight is yet ANOTHER reprehensible display of how racism and hatred is ingrained into Vanderbilt culture.”

Vanderbilt’s Vice Chancellor and Provost for Academic Affairs Susan R. Wente stated that the email was “deeply disturbing” and did not align with the college’s mission or “values” according to the New York Daily News.

The school official said the university’s IT team worked overnight to identify where the email came from, the source behind it and to prevent further “antithetical” messages from circulating.

“VUIT believes this effort was an external attack designed to look like an official Vanderbilt email….We know this is deeply disturbing and hurtful,” Wente stated. “We condemn this message and the tactics of sowing distrust, division and hatred that it employs. Equity, diversity and inclusion are bedrock values of the Vanderbilt community.”

The college encouraged recipients to not open the offensive email and to delete it. Vanderbilt University Chancellor, Nick Zeppos said the school is in the process of investigating the incident and are doing all they can to “ensure the safety, support & inclusion of all.”

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