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‘Married at First Sight’ Star Mia Bally Escapes Stalking and Credit Card Fraud Charges

On the Tuesday night’s episode of “Married at First Sight,” cast members Mia Bally and Tristian Thompson were on the way to their honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico when things took a turn.

The newlyweds were stopped at the airport because of an outstanding warrant on Bally.

Mia Bally

“Married at First Sight” Mia Bally (Screenshot)

The show producers sat down with Thompson to show him the police reports and further explain the situation. “On the warrant that was issued for Mia’s arrest, there are three counts of stalking and one with credit card fraud,” Thompson said. He continued, “I am feeling a sense of disbelieving disbelief as I am reading this police report.”

Bally spent two days in police custody and then released. The show’s psychologist, Dr. Jessica Griffin suggested that Thompson meet with his wife to hear the full story.

Bally explained that she knew nothing about the warrants and that her identity was stolen. According to the international airline recruiter, Bally’s car with her personal information was stolen.

The charges against Bally were later dropped but Thompson still had questions. “Why would he go through all this trouble then? I mean it doesn’t make sense because it says that you ordered a Christmas gift for him with his card.”

Although everything didn’t line up, Thompson eventually decided to believe his wife. “If you say it’s not true, it’s not true,” Thompson said.

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