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R. Kelly’s Ex Wife Drea Writes Epic Remix to 19 Minute Track ‘Admit It’

Chicago artist R. Kelly recently released his lengthy single “I Admit” on Monday and addressed sexual abuse and rape allegations spoken against him. The song received a wide array of backlash and his ex-wife Andrea “Drea” Kelly took it upon herself to create a remix in response to his claims.

The choreographer shared an Instagram post on Tuesday titled “The Remix” and blasted her ex-husband for being an absent father in their children’s lives and for allegedly physically abusing her.

Drea wrote, “Admit it… Your children you don’t see… Because you treat them like your fans… And not your flesh and blood, please… Being a dead beat dad is a conscious choice..” She continued, ” Admit it… Admit it… Admit it… Your past is not is an excuse… Just because you were abused… doesn’t mean you get to ABUSE.”

The MeToo activist included a photo of Celie played by Whoopee Goldberg in “The Color Purple” and added, “Cause the TRUTH will set you free… Nothing good is gonna come to you… UNTIL YOU DO RIGHT BY ME.”

Drea Kelly

Drea appeared on “Sister Circle” in June and opened up about the alleged abuse she faced by R. Kelly. She said she googled a domestic violence website and took a questionnaire online that confirmed she was an abuse victim.

“I’m thinking to myself, ‘I’m not that girl. I’m not the teeth missing, broken bone girl… But God said, ‘Keep scrolling,’ so I kept scrolling… kept scrolling. And at the end of the domestic violence awareness website, there was a questionnaire,” Drea said. “Robert, you don’t get to tell my story. That is my truth. You should have never put me in your book. And if you’re going to put me in your book, then you’re going to tell the truth in the book… You don’t get to tell people that we got divorced because I had a problem with being a stay-at-home mom. We got divorced because I was no longer going to sit and be violated. What he did to me was criminal.”

The Chicago rapper and Drea married in 1996 and divorced in 2009. The estranged couple shares three children together.

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