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‘LHHH’ Moniece Slaughter Demands ‘Respect’ for Being a Veteran In the Music Industry

Moniece Slaughter is gearing up for the new season of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” and wants fans to know she’s a triple threat not to be reckoned with.

The “Never Left” artist revealed her extensive background in the music industry during a VH1 interview and plans on reigniting her singing career. She explained her father Dave Thomas of gospel group “Take 6”, is a “10 time Grammy Award Gospel” winning artist who taught her the ropes of music.

“I was groomed by the best,” Slaughter said. “My dad made sure I understood not just to tap into my creativity, but the business itself and I definitely intend to make sure that people know just how talented I am.”

Slaughter said singing is all she’s ever known and it’s not just a “hobby”. The reality star demanded that people pay her some respect as an artist and listed a summary of her musical accolades.

“Gimme my respect cuz I’ve earned it. Time to cut my check i deserve it. I’m not a reality star who woke up and decided to sing for shits and giggles. I’m a singer who happened to end up on reality tv,” Slaughter wrote on Instagram. ” I’ve been groomed by the best. I’ve been mentored after that by some of the illest in the game.”

The singer said she’s written music for artists who’ve topped the music charts and sold albums nationwide. She admitted to almost giving up on singing due to not being a “successful artist.” However, that negative thought flew out the window and Slaughter is ready to showcase her talent to fans.

“The more they rally around me. And I’m FINALLY ready to do what I was meant to do. SING. Get ready. I won’t stop,” she added.

The “LHHH” reality star wrote the theme song for Tyra Bank’s television show “America’s Next Top Model”. She’s also written songs for artists Akon and Marques Houston.

Slaughter recently released her new single “You” on SoundCloud on Thursday.

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