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Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Clowns His Attacker for Crying In Court

The NFL’s Adam “Pacman” Jones is getting the last laugh after he made fun of the man who attacked him at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport last week.

The guy’s name is Frank Ragin — who was an employee at the airport — and he appeared in court with a cast on his leg, sitting in a wheelchair. He was hit with 2 counts of battery for starting the brawl and wept in front of the judge.

After seeing all of this, Jones sent him the following message: 

“When you lost the fight, your job, your leg and getting found guilty,” he wrote. “And that moment you realize you started it all.”

Pacman Jones Mocks

If you missed the melee, video footage caught Jones walking through the airport with a female companion when Ragin started pointing his finger and yelling at him. Jones then walked away while he continued to yell back.

Then after a few more words were exchanged, Ragin charged the 5’10” cornerback, who gathered himself, told the woman he was with to move out of the way and threw a couple of haymakers. One of them eventually landed, Ragin went down and someone grabbed Jones before he could hit him again.

Afterwards, police showed up, said Ragin was the instigator and placed him in handcuffs. They also determined that Jones did nothing wrong and was merely defending himself.

As of now, Jones never went into detail about why he was attacked but according to WSB-TV Atlanta, Ragin made a gesture that he didn’t like and they began to argue.

Fans chimed in.

“The employee wanted it. Then, he got it. Case closed.”

“Nah PAC Get A Pass For This One. Dude Tried To Mob Him And His Lady Companion. Pac Deaded All That.”

“Employee attacked Jones. He just ended up with the short end of the stick.”

“In words of the hood “Run Up, Get Done Up”



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