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R. Kelly’s Ex Wife Slams Naysayers Who Doubt Abuse Claims

Andrea Kelly Responds


For the past month or so, R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly has been speaking out about the alleged abuse that she suffered from the singer. 

Since then, she’s received support from others who’ve said they’ve been abused and from those who just empathize. 

But there were some, mostly devoted R. Kelly fans, who bad-mouthed Andrea and said her abuse claims are false — mainly because it took her 10 years to speak out. 

“Awww, Drea finally getting the attention she been seeking,” one person tweeted.

“You still using R. Kelly’s last name after a remarriage but claim you wanna be free,” wrote someone else.

On Tuesday (July 17), Andrea responded to her naysayers and accused them of victim shaming. She also said while those same people continue to bash her, they empower her ex-husband and make it harder for other victims to speak out.

“First, I’d like to say thank you to all my #Dreamers and those who support me on this journey,” wrote Andrea. “To the ones that come on my page to spew venom and #victimshame, you are by far the biggest supporter of my abuser. By you shaming me and any other victims, you’re helping the abuser accomplish their task of belittling, intimidating and discounting all the abuse they’ve put the victim and victims through.”

Some who defended Andrea pointed to the fact that a number of abuse victims take a while to speak out due to fear, and during a recent interview Andrea said that’s the reason she kept quiet.   

Then in a separate interview, she detailed some of the alleged abuse and said the singer once tied her up and went to sleep. He also made her call him daddy, she claimed.

In her Instagram post, Andrea said she refuses to back down from her detractors, because she’s now on a mission to help other abuse victims.

“I am a voice for the voiceless,” she wrote. “I am a survivor of sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, economic abuse at the hands of my ex-husband.”

You can see Andrea’s full message below, as well as comments from others.

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