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D.L. Hughley Explains How Hip Hop Has Been Used as Excuse for White People to Use the N-Word

D.L. Hughley says white people don’t need to be comfortable dropping the n-word, even if that means they can’t completely rap along to their favorite hip hop songs.

In his book, “How Not to Get Shot: And Other Advice From White People,” Hughley tackles this subject of white people feeling at ease with dropping the word at concerts. But while most rappers have no problem with it, Hughley does.

“They invented a word just for us,” he says. “It’s funny how they try to ascribe it to hip hop or to the language we use. N—a hs been part of the American lexicon since the early 1700s. Hip hop been around since 1975. Like, what came first? N—a or the Sugar Hill Gang? But it’s funny how they’ll blame you for the s— they said anyway.

“I’ve seen well-intentioned people — you’re not repeating what I said, you’re repeating what your grandfather, your neighbors, your uncle said. Don’t put that on me. You say n—- ’cause you said it all the time,” he adds.

While Hughley acknowledged that no one should say it, he still uses it in his own vocabulary. Still, he offered up some alternative words white people can use instead, including “thug,” “ghetto,” “sketchy,” “welfare queens” “superpredator.” and “ethnic.”

“There are all kinda ways that say the same things they’ve been saying. The only reason I’m insulted by this entire conversation is that we pretend to be more gentile than we are,” he says before tearing into social media.  ” He [Chris Rock] said ‘There’s a new AP that lets you know if your friends and neighbors and co-workers are racists and it’s called Facebook.’ Because I don’t care what you do, if you let people have a curtain in front of them [something to hide behind] — I don’t care if it’s an avatar, I don’t care if it’s the Oscars committee or a grand jury, it’s generally going to be pretty racist.The result is generally gonna be racist.”

In response to Hughley’s remarks, several viewers backed him.

“When D.L. speaks I listen.”

“D.L. is speaking facts as usual & its a lot of racists who are disliking this video. Shows you how racist people are behind closed doors.”

“I absolutely can not STAND when whites use rap to justify the use of the word. I see them do it ALL the damn time.”


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