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Mother Outraged After Miami Daycare Puts Band-Aid On Injury That Required Stitches 

A 3-year-old child suffered a brutal head injury and an outraged Miami mother faults the daycare facility for not seeking emergency care.

Naomi Ramos dropped off her young daughter Keyyuna Bryant at B&G Daycare and Preschool as usual. When the mother returned back to the facility she found her child with a deep wound on her forehead.

“I got inside of the school and I see that my daughter is gushing blood from the front of her head and all they did was put a bandage across it and when I took it off, you could see my baby’s skull. You could see the bone inside of her skull,” Ramos told CBS 4.

The mother took Bryant to Holtz Children’s Hospital and the little girl had to obtain four stitches. She was able to leave the hospital on Tuesday night.

B&G Daycare and Preschool claimed the 3-year-old was pushed by a little boy and she fell and “hit the floor.”

Ramos was angry with the company for slapping a bandage on the scar. The daycare’s go-to treatment was to “wash and disinfect [the] area.” She expressed that the staff should have notified the hospital for emergency treatment. The facility described Bryant’s wound as a “cut on her forehead” in the accident report.

“My baby’s face. Do you see her face?  She’s going to have a scar forever. My baby not going to look the same,” said Ramos.

The outraged mother posted a photo of her daughter’s injury on Facebook on Thursday evening and it immediately gained 7,900 shares that night. She told the news station she’ll be switching her daughter to a different daycare facility and has hired an attorney.

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