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Ohio Woman Arrested After Damaging Black Family’s License Plates Because Cops Didn’t Take Her Side 

License Plate Linda

Linda Shad, 53, has reportedly called police dozens of times on her neighbor, who moved to the neighborhood 13 years ago. (Image courtesy of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office)

An Ohio woman dubbed #LicensePlateLinda found herself in police custody this month after calling police on a Black family — then damaging their property when things didn’t quite go her way.

Domonique Duskin said she was enjoying a family gathering at her cousin’s house in Colerain Township on July 7 when her cousin’s nosy neighbor, Linda Shad, tried to have all their cars towed because they were blocking her cousin’s driveway. Duskin noted that none of the cars were blocking Shad’s property or anyone else’s, yet the woman still dialed the police.

“When the police came they did nothing but pretty much told Linda to go in her house and mind her business,” Duskin wrote in a Facebook post.

The family went about their day. As guests were preparing to leave, however, Duskin said Linda and her family “decided they were going to bend everybody license plates, key ppl cars, and pretty much damage ppl property!”

The woman’s family wasted no time calling the police, who began fingerprinting the tags when they arrived at the scene. By the time they got to the fourth vehicle, Shad confessed and officers “locked her b—h ass up.”

Let me tell y’all about #licenseplatelinda… yesterday I’m at my cousin house enjoying my family living our best…

Posted by Domonique Duskin on Sunday, July 8, 2018

“Moral of the story is this … ppl need to mind their own business,” Duskin wrote in her post, which included photos of Shad and the damage she caused to the family’s property. “And shout out to Colerain [police] for doing their due diligence, ’cause it could’ve went differently.”

According to local station FOX 19, Shad, 53, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and five counts of criminal damaging. Local officers perceived her to be heavily intoxicated, a police report stated.

Marvin Shelton said he was hosting a family get-together when the dispute with Shad unfolded. Like Duskin, Shelton insisted none of the cars were blocking his neighbor’s property. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, however.

Shelton said Shad has called the cops on him dozens of times since he moved into his house 13 years ago. He said their feud may have escalated last Halloween when one of Shad’s party guests blocked his driveway. Shelton said he went over and asked that it be moved, but an argument ensued.

“I think it’s unfortunate,” he told the newspaper. “When I moved here I didn’t have the thoughts of having a silent war with any neighbors.”

Shad has since been released from jail and arraigned on criminal charges.

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