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San Francisco Man Who’s Upset He Can’t Afford a New Phone Takes His Anger Out on Black Employee

A Verizon customer at a San Francisco store location was so upset he had insufficient funds to buy a new phone, that he began yelling racial slurs at a Black employee.

According to NBC Bay Area, the customer wanted to purchase a new phone under his existing family plan. However, he didn’t have the necessary personal identification number or enough money to buy the phone outright.

The situation quickly escalated after the customer stepped outside. “You won’t take my money! N*gger, you hear me,” he yelled to the Verizon employee. The employee replied, “I’m a n*gger? He called me a n*gger.” Then the customer began clapping while chanting, “n*gger!”

Witnesses began to chime in, questioning the customer about his behavior.

The customer was sent off even more, “Some people should know that by being a n*igger, it’s disrespectful to every other black person out there not trying to be a piece of sh*t to customers.” He continued, “You are a n*igger! And you deserve to be called that. You are disrespectful to your entire black race.” He didn’t stop there, “there are black people and there’s n*ggers like you and you need to know it.”

A witness told NBC, “People still have that hatred in their heart for a person because of the color of their skin. I can’t understand. It hurts a lot, hurts a lot of people who see that video.”

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