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Le’Andria Johnson Apologizes For Dropping F Bombs Against The Church But Stands Her Ground

Le'Andria Johnson Apologizes


Le’Andria Johnson, who won BET’s “Sunday Best,” has apologized for using several curse words, hurling insults at the church and blasting Pastor Marvin Winans on video.

In fact, she was removed from the gospel lineup of the recently wrapped up Essence Festival after organizers learned of her comments.

But despite her apology, Johnson still believes the church has too many politics in it, so she doesn’t regret communicating that part of her message.

“To all of my fans who are out there who do go to church, me saying F the Church, I meant to address the politics of the church,” she said on Instagram. “All the little undermining things that [are] going on in the Church that hurt people like me, people like other people who have been through a lot of things in the church.”

“You know Christianity, it’s just a lot that’s going on. So the way I said it, using the F-bomb, I apologize to the fans of mine that do go to church. I do apologize if I’ve offended you,” added Johnson.

It was just a few days ago that Johnson posted the video that would get her removed from the Essence Festival and surely in hot water with other gospel artists.

In the clip, Johnson said she would’ve been as big as Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Fred Hammond, Beyoncé and Brandy if she would’ve played “the game” in the church. 

The “Sunday Best” winner also said she’s tired of being kicked out of churches because she likes to curse and wants to be herself. On top of that, the singer said she was treated poorly by Pastor Winans and wanted to let him know.

“I don’t care whose spiritual father he is,” she said. “He could have been mine but no. He wanted to go past me like I was a peasant. Walked right past me like I was a peasant … And you ain’t even know, I’m a product of you. But it’s all good, though. Now you know.”

After Johnson’s apology, she received a lot of support from her followers and some said she didn’t have to say sorry.

“Cussing is my biggest flaw, but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t love me,” one person wrote. “You spoke your truth. Don’t recant. I love you and you have gained a true fan. We’ll work on cussing together @leandriaj. Don’t apologize for being honest. Majority church folk do make people feel like peasants but want every dollar out you, though.”

“I’m sorry that you were pressured to apologize,” wrote another. “You only spoke the truth. Like you said, there are a lot of vested interests in seeing the lucrative business model untouched and un-exposed.”

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