20 Years After Kidnapping, Shanara Mobley Says Sometimes She Wishes Her Daughter ‘Never Came Back’

Twenty years after her daughter was snatched from a Jacksonville hospital, Shanara Mobley remains frustrated by the lack of love she’s received since their reunion, saying sometimes she wishes her daughter never returned.

Speaking to the Florida Times-Union, Mobley said as of now, she and her daughter Kamiyah Mobley, 20, do not have a relationship. The two were reunited in early 2017 after Kamiyah, who was just hours old, was kidnapped and raised by her abductor, Gloria Williams, for 18 years as Alexis Manigo.

Things haven’t been smooth sailing, however, as the mother and daughter struggled to repair their strained relationship.

“I still lost; it’s a no winning situation,” Mobley said. “I don’t have a relationship with my child. So what did I gain? Nothing.”

“And honestly I wish sometimes that she would’ve never came back,” she added. “Because it takes a toll.”

Williams, who whisked Kamiyah away to South Carolina where she raised her as her own, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for the kidnapping earlier this year, but has managed to keep in touch with the “daughter” she stole all those years ago. In an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Kamiyah revealed that she and Williams still talk several times a week from jail and that she still refers to her as “mom.”

“… She was one of those mothers, she was like open to sleepovers, open to company,” she said of Williams. “Always smiling, always upbeat, up-tempo about everything. Very hard working, very hard working.”

Kamiyah’s refusal to let go of her kidnapper has caused undue strain on her relationship with her biological parents, especially her mother. Mobley said the drama that came with her daughter’s return hasn’t only impacted her, but her other children.

” … My other babies, they shouldn’t have to go out there in that world and experience that [scrutiny]. That shouldn’t have to be their life,” she said. “This is what Gloria and Kamiyah have brought upon my children. And I truly really feel deep down in my heart, I just wish she would’ve never came back. I really do.”

Mobley went on to accuse her daughter and Williams of making a “mockery” of her life and said she wouldn’t be celebrating Kamiyah’s 20th birthday.

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