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White Man Calls Police On Black Family Using Neighborhood Pool, Demands Proof Woman Lives There

In yet another case of racial profiling, a Black woman says she was harassed by a white pool-goer while she and her child were visiting the neighborhood pool.

Jasmine Edwards was enjoying her Fourth of July at the pool with her son Wednesday when Adam Bloom, a member of the Glenridge Homeowner’s Association, asked for her address and picture ID to prove she was a resident of the community, local station WXII reported.

“Where does it say that I have to show an ID to use the pool? My own pool,” Edwards says in the video. ” … I feel this is racial profiling because I’m the only Black person here in the pool with my son.”

By this time, Bloom had called Winston-Salem Police, who tried their best to defuse the situation.

Edwards told officers that Bloom only approached her and asked for ID. The mother said she gave him her address, but refused to show the strange man her ID.

Video of their tense encounter was shared on Facebook where it’s been viewed more than 4 million times. The incident follows a string of widely publicized instances where police were called on Black folks for doing everyday activities, including mowing the lawn, campaigning door-to-door and even barbecuing at a local park.

In the video, Bloom tries to justify his actions, saying he often asks residents for their ID.

“They kinda make their way around sometimes,” he tells the officer, seemingly referring to Black people he believes wrongly use neighborhood pools.

To prove she was a resident, Edwards handed officers her pool key, which they then used to open the pool gate with no issue.

“If she has a card to get into the pool, I believe that should be enough,” a Winston-Salem police officer says in the clip. “It turns green and it unlocks.”

Once the ordeal is over, Edwards is heard demanding Bloom for an apology.

“Do you want to apologize? Adam? Do you want to apologize for what you just did,” she asks repeatedly as the man pretends not to hear her.

Winston-Salem Police Chief Catrina Thompson commended officers for getting the situation resolved, adding that when police are called, officers are there to identify the issue — not to take sides.

“We will not be used as pawns to further someone’s dislike for anyone,” Thompson told WXII.

On Thursday, the Glenridge HOA released a statement announcing Bloom’s resignation.

Bloom was later fired from his job at Sunoco, the company announced Friday.

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