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Detroit Mother Who Wasn’t Ready to Let Go Found Living with Deceased Daughter

Losing a child can be quite tough for a parent to accept and one grieving mother of Detroit wasn’t exactly ready to move forward.

On Sunday afternoon in Police officials discovered a body of a deceased woman’s that had been kept by her mother for around eight months, WKBK reported.

The 47-year old woman died in November 2017 and the mother known as Miss Mary kept corpse stationed in the home with blankets placed on top. Sources told the news station the heartbroken woman wasn’t ready to put her daughter to rest and couldn’t cope with her passing. However, Miss Mary finally reported her daughter’s death to the police.

Some neighbor’s who live on the same block as the family of four said they were in utter disbelief to learn of the incident.

“I’m totally shocked that this could happen in our community right across the street,” neighbor Kimberly said.

The mother told authorities that her daughter died of natural causes, but the medical examiner has yet to identify the 47-year-old’s cause of death. Neighbors said she suffered from health issues.

The Detroit mother has yet to be charged by police officials as of Tuesday according to Abc13.

Neighbors told the news outlet they would see Miss Mary sitting outside on the porch, but noticed her daughter missing.

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