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‘We Go for As’ Georgia Triplets Graduate Summa Cum Laude, Each Earn Perfect GPA’s

Triplets of Henry County, Georgia graduated from Ola High School as summa cum laude with each of them earning a 4.0 GPA.

Kendall, Kolby and Sydney Belcher give their parents credit for setting such high standards. “It was always expected to be at the top of our class,” Kody said.

Kendall added, “Every kid [wants to] make their parents as proud as you can. So just to see how proud they were for us on graduation.. it made me super happy.”

While achieving their impressive fete, the trio kept things fun and competitive. “What’s wrong with you? What is a B?”, joked Kendall when the reporter asked if they’ve ever gotten Bs. Sydney added confidently, “We don’t go for Bs, we go for As.”

The triplets’ mother Cathy Belcher said many believe that her children’s success just started in high school, “They have been working for a very long time. A lot of people may think this is just high school.. we started this when they were 3 years old.”

The Belcher children use to do everything together but, they will part ways when they head to college. Kolby and Sydney are heading to Georgia State while Kendall has decided to go to Gordon State College. But together they’ve committed to remaining at the top of their class.

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