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White Business Owner Wants Maxine Waters to ‘Go Back to Africa’

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A white owner is being accused of creating a disturbing post aimed at California Congresswoman Maxine Waters and it’s sparked massive outrage among Internet users.

Judy Talley Maxie, the restaurant owner of Caddy’s Restaurant in Chesterfield, Virginia was busted for making a racist Facebook post after screenshots of the message circulated around the web.

The woman wrote, “Maxine Waters, shut your your [sic] big fat lips, no one wants to hear your rasium [sic] remarks…Go back to Africa where youre [sic] from” in response to Waters telling supporter to challenge officials from the Trump administration.

Judy Maxie

(photo via Facebook)

Maxie also shared a photo off Facebook user Dana Lynchs’ page that read, “‘I’m proud to be white’ I bet no one passes this on because they are scared of be [sic] called a racist.”

Social media fired back at the racist woman for her bigoted remarks and said the post was very “upsetting.”

“Lets boycott and stand out in front of her business like they are at the Red Hen in Lexington. Don’t let her get away with racism & bigotry,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“She is just another ignorant person with bad spelling! Poor thing. She doesn’t know she isn’t from here either,” another person commented.

“[Donald Trump] It’s sad when racist Trump supporters are so dense they clarify their “low IQ” in print. BTW, Judy Talley Maxie, owner of Caddy’s in Virginia, [Maxine Waters] was born in Missouri 😂,” a third person wrote.

Maxie apparently deleted her entire Facebook account and disabled comments on the “Caddy’s” business page.

The restaurant owner responded to the criticism she received on her Facebook profile moments before erasing it and wrote, “Sorry. If everybody else can speak what they think, I can too. It is a country that we have freedom of speech and I use [mine] quite often.”

One of the “Caddy’s” regular customers Deon Hamner told NBC 12 that he won’t return to the restaurant unless there is a new owner.

“If you want to alienate your business by blocking out a group of people, then good luck to you,” Hamner expressed.

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