Twin Brothers Lead As Valedictorians at High School Graduation

*Twin Brothers Are Named High School Valedictorians of Their Graduating Class

Two brothers born 11 minutes apart are set to headline their high school graduation on Thursday in New Jersey.

Malik and Miles George were both named valedictorians at Woodbridge High. The two brothers scored immaculately on their SATs and remained A average students throughout their school journey.

The principal Glenn Lottmann, of Woodbridge, bragged about the two students and told Abc 7, ” I don’t know how long this segment is before I talk about what they’ve done right, I don’t think I have enough time… But I could tell you what they’ve done wrong, nothing!”

The twin brother has excelled beyond in academics. The last time the boys received a grade less an A was in third grade. The two are huge fans of science research and were named the first doubles tennis partners.

Malik and Miles said their parents who celebrated their 20 year anniversary on Wednesday, are what drives them to perform well in school.

“Seeing them always doing their best to care for us has definitely made a good imprint on us,” Malik told the news station. “Whether it’s academics, athletics, some form of art, whatever passion someone has, my best advice would be just to explore it and do your best, and the success will come.”

The twins were offered scholarships at five different universities including Ivy League college Harvard, but they both will attend MIT in Massachusetts.

“We worked hard… Every course, studying, paying attention, asking questions. That’s one of the most important things, being an active student in our own education,” Miles said.

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