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Florida Man Who Streamed Shooting on Facebook Live Arrested and Booked

A Florida man who live streamed the aftermath of a shooting has been arrested and booked, according to local authorities.

Anthony Martin of Auburndale, Fla. broadcast a man lying in the street and bleeding profusely on Facebook Live. Martin’s graphic video, which he captioned, “He bout to die,” ran for 43 minutes. During that time, viewers kept asking him about helping the victim.

“You rather go live than help the man SMH I hate humans bruh,” one person commented.

“That’s just how u view it.. and I don’t do s—- for likes and views.. I’m known enough,” Martin replied.

Police said the incident occurred after a domestic dispute.

“Honestly, I felt I did nothing wrong,” Martin told FOX 13 Thursday, June 14. “This is a drug-related neighborhood. I will not get on my knees and touch no one’s blood, especially a stranger. I don’t know you. You could have AIDS. I could touch you, you could spaz out on me and whatever.”

But according to state laws, Martin was within his legal rights when he streamed the incident and Polk County Sherriff’s Office spokesman Scott Wilder said Martin wasn’t breaking the law by not helping the man.

“It may not be moral or ethical because there is a guy in the street suffering,” Wilder told the news station. “This guy is close to death. As a matter of fact, he almost died at the hospital. He was in critical condition for two days.”

And although Martin called 911, he wound up getting arrested.

“He admitted on film that he delayed calling 911 to allow the guy responsible for the shooting to get the heck out of there,” Wilder says.

Despite that, deputies tracked down the accused shooter, David Munroe. He and Martin were booked at Polk County jail.

The victim, meanwhile, was said to be stabilized on Thursday. His condition, however, was unknown.

The graphic video can be seen below.

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