Black Men Praised for Protecting Frightened Child Found Wandering the Streets

A group of Black men are being lauded for their efforts to get a little girl back to her grandmother after she was found wandering the streets, frightened and alone.

A video filmed via Facebook live shows the group of men driving around the neighborhood as the child points them in the direction of her grandmother’s house. It’s still unclear where the girl is coming from.

“She was just on Sherman (road) by herself man,” one of the rescuers says in the video. “We don’t know where her parents are or whose house she was at, where she came from. Nothing.”

The men briefly stop to ask a neighbor for help, but he doesn’t recognize the girl and suggests the men call police immediately. The men continue driving around, however, following the young girl’s directions to her grandmother’s home. During the ride, they continue pressing her about her parents and whose house she came from.

“Who’s your mama’s name?” one of the men asks.

“Nobody,” the girl, who’s name is Courtney, responds. ” … They left the house to me.”

The young girl explains that she lives with her grandmother, who she calls “mommy.”

“But my mommy isn’t my mom. Granny is,” she tells the men. She refuses to say whose house she was at before she wandered off, however.

Moments later, the men encounter a woman in a nearby housing project who confirms she’s looking for her daughter.

“Oh my f—g gosh!” the woman screams. “Thank y’all so much.”

The reunion goes left after the woman is heard threatening to spank the child for wandering off, but the gentlemen quickly come to her defense. The girl allegedly tried to hide behind the men when she finally saw her mother.

The men eventually leave the girl in her mother’s care, but not before scolding the woman for not keeping a closer eye on her child.

Watch more in the video above.

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