Victim Who Was Hit By Drunk Driver Could Make History with Facial Implant


A California man who was a victim of a terrible car accident and suffered severe burns may possibly become the first Black person to receive a new medical procedure named “Facial Transplantation” if enough money is raised.

Robert Chelsea was driving home from his Los Angeles church one night when his car overheated. He pulled over to the side of the highway and waited for roadside assistance. A drunk driver who’s been convicted of three previous DUI’s, smashed into the victim’s vehicle which erupted on “impact” according to Chelsea’s GoFundMe Profile. Over half of the victim’s body was covered with third-degree burn marks and damaged his upper body and face.

Chelsea has since underwent more than 30 surgeries to repair his body after spending a year and half in the hospital.

“While the burns covered much of my body, it was my face that suffered the worst visible damage,” the man told KTLA. 

However, Chelsea received great news that he qualified for a facial implant.

“There is a relatively new medical procedure called ‘Facial Transplantation’ that can make my face whole again,” said the survivor. “Since 2005, only 41 people in the world have undergone this procedure. And with your help, I will become first African American in the country to receive this breakthrough surgery.”

As of May the victim has been listed as number one for a donor transplant and Chelsea knows the surgery could change his life.

“One thing I want to do most of all, is kiss my daughter’s cheek,” Chelsea told KTLA. “That I have not been able to do.”

His GoFundMe Page has raised $43,271 out of $65,000 since Tuesday.

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