Bronx Man Found Fatally Stabbed Months After Winning $10,000 In Lottery

Lottery Winner Stabbed
Owen Dillard had hit the lottery before and would lend out money, according to his stepson. (Image courtesy of NY Daily News)

The New York Police Department is investigating after a 73-year-old Bronx man was found stabbed in the neck inside his apartment Monday night, just two months after winning a $10,000 lottery prize.

According to the New York Daily News, victim Owen Dillard’s body was discovered by his 60-year-old fiancée lying on the living room floor, after which she called police. Dillard’s stepson, Jesus Pagan, said his stepdad was recently diagnosed with cancer and had just come into a large sum of money through the lottery.

“He used to lend out money. He hit the lottery a couple of times,” Pagan told the local newspaper, adding that the elderly man drove a 2017 Cadillac. “So people knew he had money.”

Authorities said the man was found with several stab wounds to the left side of his neck. According to the New York Post, Dillard won a $10,000 lotto drawing in April and scored a $50,000 prize playing the lottery’s Win 4 game six months ago.

Neighbor Kathy Pagan, 37, who is unrelated to Dillard’s stepson, said she knew something was wrong when she saw the man’s family running into his apartment, distressed.

“We saw (the fiancée) running, and we saw her daughter run over,” said Pagan. “We heard the yelling in the building.” She recalled the last time she saw Dillard, saying he looked to be in “good shape and happy.”

Dillard’s ex-wife, Yolanda Jordan, also lives in the building, the neighbor noted. Jordan was visibly upset by news of her ex-husband’s death.

“He was a good man … I’m just trying to wrap my mind around this,” Jordan told the New York Post through tears. The couple was together for almost 30 years and raised two sons together. Jordan said her ex-husband struggled with several health issues and was recently given just three years to live by his doctors.

“He’s been here forever,” she added. “He was a good dad and he will be missed very much.

Dillard’s nephew Shabazz Muhaymin has since urged the suspect(s) to please come forward and turn themselves in.

So far, police haven’t arrested any suspects but have surveillance footage of two persons of interest. The NYPD is now offering a $2,500 reward for any information that leads to an arrest.

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