Top 5 Stories You Missed Over the Weekend

Top 5
(photos via Getty/Matt Weinberger/Business Insider)

Golden State Warriors Win the 2018 NBA Championship: The Warriors crushed the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night with a score of 108-85. The team has won three championship titles in four years.

Net Neutrality Repeal Takes Affect: Monday, June 11, marks the day that net neutrality officially ends. Net neutrality prohibited internet providers from charging more for certain content or from giving preferential treatment to certain websites. Consumers fear the repeal will allow internet providers to have too much control over the way online content is delivered, NYTimes reports.

IHOP Reveals IHOB Name Change: “The International House of Pancakes” breakfast restaurant has changed its name and confirmed on Monday the “P” in “IHOP” is now a “B” and it stands for ‘burgers.” The company is coming out with a new line of “Ultimate Steakburgers” that will be served all day every day.

Suicide Hotline Calls Increase After Celebrity Deaths: Following the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, “The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline” has jumped up by 25%, WSJ reports. The director said people often feel connected with celebrities and experience a “collective sense of loss.”

Robert De Niro Curses at President Trump: During the Tony Awards on Sunday Night, De Niro said “Fuck Trump” twice. The actor received a standing ovation from the audience, however, conservatives have already begun bashing him.

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