‘Black Inc Crew’ Star Van Johnson Fires Back At Critics Accusing Him of Inappropriate Photo with Daughter



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Cast member of Vh1’s hit reality show “Black Inc Crew: Chicago” took to Instagram on Thursday to address people who criticized a photo he took with his teenage daughter Briana.

The tattoo artist posted a picture of he and his child leaving the gym after a workout. In the photo, Johnson is hugging his daughter with his arm around her neck and his hand in front of her upper thigh which made people feel extremely uncomfortable. The Internet called him out on how “creepy” the photo looked and said it’s inappropriate.

One Instagram user commented, “The picture caught me off guard I thought this was yo girl I was like this boy wilding but I enlarged the picture and realized it was your daughter so I knew this wasn’t done intentionally. I see how you love and want the best for her I know you wouldn’t duo anything to harm her. No disrespect intended just showing you why some may see it as they do.”

Another said, “When I first saw this totally innocent pic of you and your daughter, I thought this was a pic of you and your new girl 😕. This pic def doesn’t look “right”. I would just delete it, bruh.”

Calitilidie commented, “We know u wouldn’t hurt your daughter but this does look odd. Just delete the pic.”

Johnson said many people unfollowed him on Instagram after posting the photo and he responded back to the trolls who accused him of inappropriately touching his daughter.

“I know some of y’all are miserable, very very miserable people and you say some of the most utterly disrespectful things to people that you may even do and I just don’t find you to be a person of intelligence or a person who has morals or values in life,” Johnson said. How about, my hand wasn’t touching my daughter at all. My hand was just sitting in front of her. I don’t really feel the need to explain it man, but I am a person with a huge platform and I know a lot of people are following me and they probably want a response but I hate you motha f—as. Y’all are crazy and y’all just say things to be saying it.”

His daughter chimed in the video to let the critics know their opinion is “irrelevant.”

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