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Portland Employee Arrested After Yelling, Throwing Bottle at Black Woman Who Tried to Pay with Coins

An Oregon employee was charged with harassment and assault after throwing a Gatorade bottle, spraying Sriracha sauce and hurling racial slurs toward a Black woman.

A food cart operator who’s been identified as Islam Elmasry was caught on tape verbally and physically attacking the victim Carlotta Washington, who attempted to pay for her lunch in quarters at “Small Pharoah’s” halal cart.

Washington is heard in the video questioning the owner’s behavior and wanted to know what his reason was for insulting her.

“Just because you didn’t want to take coins you’re calling me out in my name, you’re calling me a nigger. Now what else do you want to call me? Now you don’t have anything else to say, do you?” the victim said to Elmasry with her mobile camera recording.

The food operator yells, “Get the f*ck out from here!” and then goes on to pick up a Gatorade bottle and throws it at Washington which caused her to drop her phone.

Onlookers immediately jump to her offense, “You don’t do that,” said one man. “That was wrong,” said another.

One witness Rachel Good of Oregon who recorded the video, told Raw Story, “It was crazy… It was awful to watch.” She took Washington home after the incident.

The food operator also threw a spicy Thai sauce on the victim (not on camera) and she told Willamette Week, “It was in my eyes and all on my skin. It was burning terribly.”

Washington was heard screaming for the cops before the video shot off. Willamette reported that Elmasry was detained in Multnomah County jail on two misdemeanor charges. His bail is set at only $4,000.

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