Reporter Shows Amazing Restraint as Political Candidate Argues Her Intelligence Must Come from her ‘White Side’


An NBC journalist remained graceful and gritted her teeth as a white nationalist candidate running for public office downplayed her intelligence, solely based on her race.

Morgan Radford, a reporter on NBC’s “Today” show, showed amazing restraint during a sit-down interview with candidate Arthur Jones, a self–professed white nationalist vying for a Congressional seat in Chicago’s third district. A former member of the American Nazi Party, Jones said he has hopes of making Chicago’s neighborhoods at least 90 percent white.

“I’ve received over 70 percent of the votes from the Republican party in the March 20 primary,” he told Radford on Friday.

Jones, who believes the Holocaust never happened, is just one of eight white nationalist candidates running for state or federal office in 2018, according to The Southern Poverty Law Center. Critics believe the inflammatory rhetoric spouted by President Donald Trump could be cause for the recent uptick in “emboldened” racists seeking public office.

When asked if he believes Black people are genetically inferior to white people, Arthur claimed that the average IQ of someone Black is 20 points lower compared to someone who’s white.

“But I went to Harvard,” said Radford, who is African-American.

“Alright — and you’ve got a lot of white blood in you too,” Jones replied before suggesting Radford’s intelligence only came from her “white side.”

Watch more of their interview above.

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