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Diamond and Silk’s Street Interviews About Trump Take An Interesting Turn

Internet vloggers Diamond and Silk are out stumping for President Donald Trump once again, this time hitting the streets for Fox News to ask New York locals what they really think about our nation’s leader.

Evoking one of the president’s most used phrases, the duo stopped to ask locals if they felt like they were “winning” under President Trump? Their peculiar question drew a variety of answers.

“Win for what?” one man replied, seemingly confused by the question.

One woman commented that it’s not about winning or losing, but about celebrating the fact that “you’re still here and you’re living.”

The sisters then turned their attention to the U.S. economy, which they claimed was now “booming,” thanks to the president. Many New Yorkers begged to differ, however.

“How do you feel about President Donald Trump? Because you know he’s responsible for this booming economy,” Diamond said.

“… I don’t like the president,” one man said bluntly, upsetting the right-wing bloggers.

“Wait a minute, so you don’t like the economy booming up under this president that’s got it booming?”

Another man dubbed Trump a bigot but stopped short of giving specific examples of his racist, incendiary comments — although there are plenty to choose from.

Watch more of the street interviews above.

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