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Mario Van Peebles: Black Folks Are Forced to Know ‘White Truth and White History’

“New Jack City” director Mario Van Peebles slammed President Trump’s actions for not addressing the several race incidents that have occurred over the course of months including the president failing to applaud the Black “Waffle House” hero and justifying Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet.

The actor addressed Barr’s offensive message and the insensitivity to Black culture during an interview with MSNBC on Sunday. He explained that Trump represents a “cultural” setback and lacks understanding of Black America’s truth.

“White privilege means you don’t have to be racially literate about other folks… People of color have to know white truth and white history. Because if we [Blacks] go in the wrong neighborhood, if we don’t talk to that police officer the right way, we could end up dead,” Van Peebles made clear to the network’s host David Gura.

“Roseanne’s tweet say’s more about her… It also says that in this climate it’s okay to say things like that,” the Mexican born actor expressed.

Gura asked Van Peebles his thoughts on Trump’s inability to properly address racial issues and how the state head’s influence affects the American people.

“As a director I set the tone on the set,” he responded. “Is he kind to minorities? He didn’t comment on the brotha that saved folks in the ‘Waffle House’… He think there’s an equivalency between white supremacy and protesters protesting that.”

The actor then blasted Trump and called him “insecure” and “has more issues than Sports Illustrated.” He also added that, “When you’re in the oval office, you set the tone, you have to be the adult in the room… And sometimes it seems like we have a drunk driver in the oval office.”

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