‘Never Too Young’ Meet the Group of Children Inspired by Oprah to Launch a Successful Business Flipping Homes 


“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams,” said Oprah Winfrey who inspired six children from Washington, D.C. to launch their home renovation company “Junior Flips” in 2017.

The young entrepreneurs ranging from ages 7 to 14 years old, were inspired after randomly meeting Oprah Winfrey during their vacation in Los Angeles, California. The kids decided to ask the elite media mogul for business advice and not an autograph.

“She told us to give back, work hard, and never give up,” said 8-year-old CEO Alianna on the Steve Harvey show. “If Oprah tells us something, I would do it because… she’s global!”

Junior Flips buys old impoverished properties and renovate them for first time home buyers. Within their first year of business they’ve made a profit of $250,000 by flipping two homes. They initially borrowed a small loan, but paid it back instantly within the course of six months. The team said the home flipping process includes landscaping, hiring contractors, budget, paint, strategize and interior design.

The creators told Harvey they want to set an example for kids their age who would like to begin a business.

“We’re trying to inspire other kids to go out and try dreams that they were scared to do,” said 9-year-old Dominic, who’s the Co-Ceo of the company.

The young business owners added that they’re not “like others kids because we are not watching TV or playing video games. We are busy doing our doing our business.”

To keep up with Junior Flip, you can follow them on Facebook or visit their website.

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