‘Hidden Colors’ Director Tariq Nasheed Accuses White Supremacists of Swatting Him, Putting His Family In Danger


Anti-racism activist Tariq Nasheed is fighting back after he says white nationalists targeted he and his family at their home in Los Angeles this week by calling in a fake bomb threat to police.

Speaking with local station Fox 11, Nasheed said he was roused from his sleep by a call from authorities, who instructed him to come outside. He didn’t think much of it, so he hung up. It took three more calls from police before Nasheed peeked out his front door to see several officers with their guns drawn. It turns out someone “swatted” him, or made a false report to police prompting an emergency response.

“They were told that there were bombs in the house and that I had my wife kidnapped and tied up,” he said. “It was just a whole thing they made up, and the police kind of suspected it could be a swatting thing.”

Nasheed, who’s produced several documentaries discussing race, said he quickly called the cops back and was advised to walk outside with his ID. The Twitter activist said he believes white supremacists made the call to police — the same ones who often target and troll him on social media. He claimed the folks responsible were associated with a “suspected” racist YouTube blogger named @Ice_Poseidon.

Fans of Ice_Poseidon, and the even vlogger himself have denied any involvement in the swatting incident and accused Nasheed of pointing the finger at “racist” white people to fit his racist agenda.

When all was said and done, Nasheed described the responding officers as “good guys” who were professional but questioned why they handcuffed him if they suspected it might be a swatting situation.

“That’s a dangerous situation to put somebody in, especially a Black American in this day and age where you can be killed with impunity,” he said of the ordeal, evoking the case involving a Wichita, Kans. man who was shot and killed by police after someone made a fake 911 call.

It’s unclear if police are investigating who made the call to police. The penalty for swatting varies from state to state but is relatively minor.

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