Drake Fans Accuse Pusha T of Racism After Old Tweets Come to Light

Racist Tweets Pusha T

These days, a rap battle isn’t just confined to a song, it also has a lot to do with the Internet since memes and tweets are used just as much as lyrics.

Take the current feud between Pusha T and Drake, for example, because as we previously reported, Pusha used an old photo of the OVO rapper in blackface for the cover of his diss song “The Story of Adidon.”

And now Drake’s fans have returned that favor by exposing some old tweets of Pusha’s that has to do with a Black flight attendant.

“Black flight attendant is rude to you before he realizes you are in first class,” wrote Push in 2014. “Now you will dance for me, Sambo. And you better clap your God da-n feet on demand, you monkey.”

Right away, people debated if Pusha’s tweets were just as offensive as Drake’s blackface photo.

“I want the same energy that y’all had for Drake’s blackface for this,” someone wrote.

“Why?” one person asked. “It’s different. Like, he’s saying the flight attendant was acting like a coon until he found out he was going to first class.”

So far, Pusha hasn’t said anything about the old tweets, although he’s been making media rounds to support his new album and talk about the Drake beef. In fact, during one of those interviews, Pusha doubled down on his claim that the “God’s Plan” rapper fathered a secret love child with Sophie Brussaux, a former porn actress from France.

“It’s real,” said Pusha, after the radio host Big Boy used the word “alleged” when he talked about Drake and Brussaux. “It ain’t [no alleged]. Ghostwriting ain’t alleged. The reference tracks ain’t alleged. The baby ain’t alleged. It’s not alleged. It’s real. That’s it.”

Although Drake has explained why he posed in blackface, he still hasn’t responded to Pusha, either in song or on social media. But TMZ’s Van Lathan said he’s planning a response, so there may be more rounds to go in this battle just yet.

For what it’s worth, it took Pusha four days to respond to Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” diss, so maybe the OVO leader will take the same amount of time to retort. Until we know for sure, you can check out some of the conversations regarding Pusha’s 2014 tweets below.

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