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Diamond and Silk Point the Finger at Black Folks In Bizarre Attempt to Defend Roseanne

Fox News turned to none other than Trump-loving vloggers Diamond and Silk to try and downplay Roseanne Barr’s racist comments toward former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.

The social media stars appeared on the conservative news network Wednesday morning and wasted no time jumping to the defense of the now-disgraced comedienne.

“First of all, Roseanne is not a racist,” Diamond declared almost immediately. “She made bad judgement when she tweeted something that was umm, a little off the cuff, and she apologized for it.”

The duo instead pointed the finger at liberal celebrities who have been critical of President Donald Trump and his supporters, arguing they’re the ones who should’ve been “canned.” The sisters claimed they themselves have been referred to as “monkeys” by other African-Americans and tried arguing that Barr’s comments toward Jarrett were no different.

“…It’s on both sides; we’re called monkeys, we’re called coons and all kinds of derogatory names,” Diamond argued. ” … If we’re gonna have a conversation (about racism), let’s tell the truth about the whole conversation and not be one-sided.”

Barr’s show shouldn’t have been canceled, the ladies contended, saying the controversy should’ve served as a teaching moment on “how to treat each other.”

“Everyone should stop calling each other names,” they concluded. “Imagine if people had done that to Obama!”

Hear more of their commentary above.

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