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14-Year-Old Georgia Student Graduates High School and College All In the Same Day

Matthew McKenzie, 14, has always been an over-achiever. He began reading advanced books at the young age of four, enrolled in college courses at age 11 and graduated with two diplomas before the age of 15.

McKenzie’s mother Monique McCord said she home-schooled her son since second grade.

“We would pull material from different textbooks and custom create his curriculum,” the mother told Fox5 News. By 11 years old, the Georgia student took a big step and admitted into a dual enrollment in 2016.

“I started off walking him to class and then the environment got a little more comfortable then he started walking himself, so he eased into the transition,” said McCord.

McKenzie exclaimed, “I graduated from Chattahoochee Tech with my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and later that night got my diploma from high school.” He plans on attending Kennesaw State University to study biochemistry and transfer to Georgia Tech for his Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering.

“I want to be a Cosmetic Chemist I want to start my own line of chemical products, the beauty of things,” McKenzie said.

Since the graduate was 8 years old, it’s been his dream to work in the cosmetic field.

“At one point he said I’m going to cure wrinkles, and I said, good because one-day mom is going to have wrinkles and I’m going to need you,” the proud mother said.

The successful graduate is a big fan of playing football and the saxophone with the Joyful Noise Homeschool Band according to the news station.

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