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Top 5 Stories You Missed Over the Weekend

U.S. Team In North Korea As Trump Reconsiders Summit With Kim Jong Un: President Trump has had a change of heart with North Korea. He tweeted Sunday that U.S. team members are in North Korea preparing for the summit.”We have put a great team together for our talks with North Korea…Meetings are currently taking place concerning Summit,” Trump said. This decision comes days after Trump canceled the meeting due to “tremendous anger and open hostility.”

Chick-Fil-A Employees Hired As ‘Hospitality Professionals’ Will Be Paid $17 an Hour: Chick-Fil-A in Sacramento, CA on Madison Avenue is now hiring ‘hospitality professionals’ and paying them between $17-$18 an hour. Current employees in leadership roles will now receive paid-time off and all employees will receive paid sick days. The owner of the Madison Avenue location Eric Mason said, “We’re looking for people trying to raise families and improve their lifestyle.”

Sante Fe High school Resumes Classes After Shooting: Students and teachers of Sante Fe High School return to school after the deadly school shooting that killed 10 people. According to USA Today, school officials brought in teams of counselors to talk to students.  “While we are anxious to have our students back in our schools, we realize that there are students, staff and families who need time for grieving and mourning,” Santa Fe Independent School District Superintendent Leigh Wall said.

Starbucks Closing Thousands of Stores for Racial Bias Training: Starbucks is closing all the company-owned stores in the U.S for racial bias training after two black men were wrongfully arrested back in April at one of the stores. Over 175,000 employees will receive training.

The Cavaliers and the Warriors will Face Off Again in the NBA Finals: The Cavs beat the Celtics 87-79 on Sunday and the Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets 101-92. The Warriors and the Cavaliers will compete again for the 4th year in a row on Thursday.


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