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Bus Driver Accuses Special Needs Teens of Assault, Gets Them Arrested — Parents Say They Were Singled Out

Three Cleveland boys allegedly verbally and physically assaulted two teachers before they were arrested by officers, but one mother said it’s more to the story.

Students from Newton D. Baker School of Arts were headed back from a field trip to Cedar Point on Tuesday when the incident took place around 7:30 p.m. The teen boy allegedly threw a bottle of water along with nutri-grain bars at a teacher’s head WKYC reported. They also threatened to shoot the bus up, called the bus driver a “nigger”, punched the vehicle’s ceiling and tried to open the door of a moving bus.

“We can’t help how God creates his kids. But at the end of the day, everyone is human, everyone has feelings, you treat everybody as equal,” exclaimed Venishia Logan who’s son is special needs. She said her son and his friends were singled out and not treated fairly at all.

13-year-old Rufus who was one of the boys arrested told his mom that a “little girl spit on me and then they decided to spit on them too” and his friends were trying to take up for him. He also relayed to the news station the bus driver told him to, “Sit your retarded a** down.”

A spokeswoman of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District said the boys could face charges in juvenile court according to the police report.

Venishia said her son and his friends should be punished, but to remove Rufus from his special needs class could be a huge hindrance.

“My son came too far to go back because some girl spit on him and caused chaos on a school bus,” said Rufus’ mom.

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