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Bernice King Blasts Steve Bannon for Proclaiming Her Father Would be ‘Proud’ of Trump

(AP Photo/Robert Ray, Paul Sancya) 

The former White House Chief Strategist made a few remarks suggesting that Dr. MartinL Luther King would be “proud” of President Trump’s record low unemployment rates, but the civil rights leader’s youngest daughter Bernice King quickly checked him on his claim.

During an interview on BBC’s “Newsnight” on Wednesday Steve Bannon praised Trump for implementing immigration laws and reportedly low unemployment rates in the Black community. He then went on to claim that Dr. King would have been pleased with the president’s work.

“If you look at the policies of Donald Trump, OK, anybody — Martin Luther King — would be proud of him, of what he’s done for the Black and Hispanic community for jobs,” said Bannon. “Martin Luther King would sit there and go, ‘Yes, you’re putting young Black men and women to work. The lowest unemployment we’ve had in history and wages are starting to rise among the working class. And you’ve finally stopped the illegal alien labor force that’s coming in and competing with them every day and destroying the schools and destroying the health care.’ Absolutely.”

Without hesitation, Bernice responded to Bannon’s comments on Twitter the same night and said, “Steve Bannon has dangerously and erroneously co-opted my father’s name, work and words.”

Bernice also contended against Bannon’s argument of border control and repressing “illegal alien labor forces.”

The former White House official has yet to respond to Bernice’s comments.

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