An Alabama Teacher’s Attempt to Publicly Shame Student Goes Terribly Wrong

An Alabama school district is investigating after a video of a teacher ruthlessly ridiculing a student in front of a fellow teacher surfaced on social media.

The video was reportedly filmed at Jefferson Davis High School in Montgomery, Ala., and shared on Snapchat, reported. The student’s sister discovered the footage on her phone app and then shared it to Facebook, where it’s already received over 52,000 views.

“I said I wasn’t gone post the video due to it being my brother but here is the video,” Lashun Oliver wrote. “She had the nerve to sit and record my little brother. U can bet actions will be taken. Her name is Kreshay Monique and Mr. Hodge — you say u can be petty so can I.”

The one minute-clip shows a female teacher repeatedly make derogatory remarks about the unnamed student, who’s the sole pupil in the classroom.

“He’s the only one in this class and he’s raising his hands asking questions,” she says in the video. ” … Get that lesson, baby. You’re the only one. Get that lesson. That’s what happens when n***as be thinking you be playing. See this teacher’s good. Y’all know me, I’m petty. Hell no, he would be getting this at summer school. Twenty days, four weeks.”

The other teacher, a male, can be seen cackling in the background as his colleague continues making fun of the student. She then moves closer, shoving her camera-phone in the student’s face as he tries to hide under his green hoodie.

“Aw, don’t be ashamed now,” she says. “Cause you weren’t ashamed during the school year. We need to put this on your Snap(chat) so all your friends can see.”

Montgomery County Schools spokesperson Tom Salter responded to the viral video in a statement Thursday, saying, “After viewing what appears to be glaringly unprofessional actions by a teacher recording and posting this video (and possibly other MPS employees in the room), the system is launching an investigation into the matter.”

“The actions on the video do not represent the policies of MPS or what is expected from a Montgomery Public Schools educator. After the investigation is over, appropriate and necessary actions will be taken against anyone found to have violated MPS policies,” he continued.

The clip has sparked outrage among critics, many of whom have called for the female teacher’s termination. According to, an online petition demanding the teacher’s firing and for her teaching certificate be revoked was launched on Thursday. The petition also calls for the male teacher to be suspended without pay for three months.

Meanwhile, others have taken to social media to voice their outrage.

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